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gaming house
If you thought your gaming corner was epic (or maybe you have a gaming room where you have all your consoles set up) and you have gaming posters covering the walls, today you know that your gaming nirvana is nothing compared to this HOUSE. That’s right, an entire house dedicated to gaming and not just the current generation of consoles but also retro consoles, arcade machines and PCs. The main room is dedicated to Xbox 360 with a screen for each of the friends and more screens above showing sports. There are a few gems likes the Sega Super GT arcade and the Mortal Kombat 4 cabinets. The only problem is that his games are not in covers and if you are like the G3AR team then your skin is crawling just thinking about the scratches that are bound to be on the underside of those discs.

Source : Videogeddon X


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The cynic
  • Kelvin

    And I thought my room looked pretty good :/ This is insane :O

  • SonicTheHero

    All I need is a lot more money and my house would look like that

  • Aubrey

    This setup is cool

  • RobbieH76



    Seeing those piles is like listening to nails on a black board

  • m3n4ce


  • Delano

    The Mecca of gaming? Perhaps. Also, the ultraviolet lighting is a nice touch.

  • Antonio

    Is it me or I didn’t see not even one playstation in those pics??

  • Lonthor

    Pretty cool setup, but it could do with some better seating :p.

  • greatwyt

    aaaarg i would probably kill several thing that should not be killed to get my hands on those arcade machines!! they so awesome!

  • Oblivious

    that a gamer thing

  • charl

    Wait. Let me just make a note to myself. “Add…to…bucket list…at…number 1”. Ok done.

  • Smilo

    My God,Any Free Limited Visits For “Travelling Gamers”

  • Garvin

    Ok guys I’m moving in.

  • N!ck

    I just checked that all my games are in their cases. That seriously bothers me.

  • Lyle Arends

    Is it possible to steal a room? Let’s find out, Jeff.

  • Albertus

    Would love to know what his insurance costs per month.