Goodbye bank accounts – Steam gets remote game management

The PC gamers at G3AR HQ are fanatics who check the Steam specials every hour and who remotely control their gaming PCs to start the installation of the latest purchase from Valve’s digital distribution network. Valve has now removed the need for uber-l33t computer skills by offering a beta taste of Steam’s new remote download feature. A new beta feature of Steam allows a user to remotely set their Steam client to download a game from the Steam service. The feature can be accessed either through a browser or through the Steam mobile app. To get your Steam client setup head over to the Steam Support page and follow the instructions.

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The cynic
  • Lonthor

    Awesome! Will definitely try it out :).

  • POItjie

    I think Remote download control is a cool feature, it’s like Xbox live download feature, buy on the website and then just download the stuff….

  • Jarrod Lane (@NoodleZA)

    Credit cards around the world cry out in pain.

  • Project Delta

    Would be great… if I had the cap to actualy download the steam games… for now the only steam games I own are the ones I’v found on disk… and even then then eat too much cap for my liking during installation!

    • LeRoy

      Thats true specially when your in South africa