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The Transformer Prime is Asus’ Android tablet with an attachable keyboard. Not only is the concept very exciting it also has an awesome name that hints at its “transforming” capabilities. But what is in a name? A lot according to… Read More »

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The recent ‘game rush’ is just about over. Many good games have launched in the last few weeks on the run-up to April, which is a tad more barren in comparison. There are still a few games worth looking out… Read More »


Review: Mario Party 9

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Don’t throw this invitation away!

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In a protest against the endings presented in Mass Effect 3 a group of fans have raised just over $1000 to purchase 400 cupcakes to send to Bioware’s offices. The 400 cupcakes will be sent in three colours: red, blue… Read More »

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Sony has pulled two downloadable PSP titles from the PlayStation Store after they were used to exploit their new Vita handheld console and load homebrew code onto the devices. Motorstorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody’s Tennis have both been taken down… Read More »

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City Interactive have got a new first person shooter on the slate for release but, before that happens, they will need some beta testers. World of Mercenaries is a PC-exclusive free-to-play FPS that will be distributed on Steam. The title… Read More »

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Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, has acquired Futuremark Game Studios, the studio at Futuremark that focuses on developing games like The Shattered Horizon. Although Rovio has acquired Futuremark Game Studios Futuremark will retain the The Shattered Horizon, Hungribles and… Read More »

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Blizzard’s COO Paul Sams has said in an interview with CVG that releasing Diablo III on console is not primarily for financial reasons but rather because it makes sense to release it on console. According to Sams the game is… Read More »

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The brains behind the Gears of War franchise, Cliff Bleszinski, recently in an interview with IGN said that he wants future Gears of War titles to follow the style of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films rather than that of Tim Burton’s…. Read More »

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According to new screenshots (like the one above) being teased on the official site, a new Audiosurf is in the works. Audiosurf Air is the name of the new title, and it should be out towards the middle of the… Read More »

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The North American version of Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PlayStation Vita was supposed to launch today but the release date has been pushed back again. Initially the title was set to release in February but was delayed… Read More »

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