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CD Projekt’s joint CEO Marcin Iwinski has said that the company will never implement DRM in their PC-exclusive titles again. Speaking at the Game Developers Conference Iwinski re-stated his company’s position on copy-protection measures, saying that “It doesn’t work at… Read More »

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Electronic Arts has confirmed that BioWare’s new Star Wars MMO is edging closer to the 2 million subscribers mark as of the end of February. EA CEO John Riccitiello, speaking to investors, said that The Old Republic has almost 1.7… Read More »


Review: F1 2011 (Vita)

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May the downforce be with you

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Back at the end of February we offered one gamer the chance to win a copy of Mass Effect 3 (the fourth copy we’re giving away today) and the chance to hit the co-op mode with the folks from G3AR… Read More »

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Unigine has released version 3.0 of its Heaven DX11 benchmark. The Heaven DX11 benchmark uses the UNIGINE engine and supports DirectX 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL 4.0. The benchmark is popular due to its ability to test the tessellation performance… Read More »

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Mass Effect 3 is finally here. Everyone can quit school, their jobs and anything else that might be happening as none of it matters anymore. The universe needs saving and that means you don’t need to pay attention to anything… Read More »

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Some of the enemies that players will be facing in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite are a little different to what you may be used to. One of these enemies is the ‘Motorized Patriot’, an animatronic George Washington clone with a… Read More »

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The Duju Trojan was discovered in September last year and caused a lot of commotion due to the fact that it is very similar to the Stuxnet worm. Stuxnet gained infamy when it attacked a Uranium enrichment facility in Iran… Read More »

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Fatshark and Paradox Interactive presented the first video footage of upcoming title War of the Roses at the Game Developers Conference yesterday. A third-person medieval battle may not seem like much out of the ordinary but, as you will see… Read More »

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You might recall that last month Assassin’s Creed: Recollection was free on the iPad. Ubisoft have brought the card-based title over to the iPhone as well as Apple’s larger devices and, by the look of things, it will  be free… Read More »

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AMD has officially released the Catalyst 12.2 WHQL drivers which have been digitally signed and certified for use with Windows. The Catalyst 12.2 drivers support AMD’s discrete desktop GPUs, FireStream GPUs, mobile GPUs and integrated GPUs. The new drivers are… Read More »


Review: Rayman: Origins Vita

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Rayman Origins on the Vita is as good as the console version, possibly even better. A game everyone should play without question.