Prey 2 likely cancelled – report

Prey 2
Bethesda has cancelled Prey 2, according to an inside source. No official word has been received from Bethesda but, according to reports, there will be an announcement on the cancellation some time this week. The news was first reported by a Dutch site, PS Focus. A last minute cancellation of Prey 2's presentation at the San Francisco GDC this year has helped to make the possible closure of the title seem likely but it is also possible that Prey 2 has merely been delayed for an extensive period. We will update you if there is any more news on this. In the event that Prey 2 has met with an untimely demise, this is what you are missing:

Source : Eurogamer


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  • Brendon Bosch

    If this is true it`s just wrong man. PREY was and is an amazing game. Yes it flew under the radar but PREY 2 can change that. Will be a sad day if it is cancelled.

    • dawid22

      Yeah, what they showed us so far looked pretty enticing. Hopefully someone picks the license up and does something with it. Like what happened to True Crime Streets of Hong Kong, now known as Sleeping Dogs.

  • Delano

    It seems that the Prey franchise is cursed; the first game also had a rather troubled development. I’m sure somebody else will indeed pick this up and finish it off, but let’s hope it doesn’t turn into another Duke Nukem Forever.

  • LyleA

    Seriously sad news seeing as it was so close to the release day. :/