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Top 10 Tuesday – Gaming Habits

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[/raw] 10. Pointless inventory management Sometimes it’s a necessary evil and other times it is just evil. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of last year’s top games but managing the items in your inventory was a mini-game in its own right. After playing your game of ‘Tetris’ it takes just one new item to throw your brilliant arrangement out of the window. There are many titles that have us playing with the inventory more than the actual game. Can anyone say Resident Evil 4 and 5? 9. Losing your temper Ever throw a controller or bash a keyboard out of frustration? We have and while we’re at it we blame that stupid character we’re playing as. How about losing it when some douchebag repeats the same move in Soul Calibur V all the time? ALL. THE. TIME. Spammers... Or when some @#&# camps during an online match? We all have different levels of frustration. Some will simply turn the hardware off while others will swear or throw something at it. We won't even start on finishing BattleToads. 8. Breaking the seal on a 360 game It’s a guilty little pleasure that any 360 owner will own up to. We love breaking the seal on 360 games. Furthermore everyone has different ways of breaking it. Some pull the box open from the top so that it splits the seal down the middle while others simply press in on the seal breaking it right there and then. This is followed by that ‘new game’ scent that always helps you feel good about life. Win! 7. Bragging about gaming achievements and trophies Before 2005 we all played for high scores and to see the cinematic at the end of a game. Then Microsoft decided to take ‘high score’ to the next level and Achievements were born. Sony followed up with Trophies and today we have a bunch of gamers showing off their skills by bragging about their 360 Achievement scores or number of Platinum Trophies on the PS3. Now, if only Microsoft and Sony would reward us all with a free game when achieving some kind of milestone... like free games?
[/raw] 6. Not completing games Hands up. How many of you have uncompleted games in your collection? There are some gamers who will complete games purely for the Achievements while others will finish it for the joy of seeing the credits. Then you get those who just never finish any games. Ever. There are plenty of them out there. It's usually the lure of a new game that has them abandoning ship but it happens more often these days than ever before. 5. Pressing all the buttons to skip the loading screen You’ve just bought a new game and you’re watching the intro that includes all those developer and publisher logos and you're cool with it because it leads to the expected awesome intro. A month later you’re still playing the same game and have seen the numerous logos appearing a hundreds of times and you’re over waiting for the Start Screen. What do you do? You press all the buttons hoping that it will skip everything and morph to the title screen. You will do this for the rest of your life, knowing very well that nothing will work. It’s a dog chasing its tail scenario. Yes, we’re all guilty of it. Human fail. 4. Buying games or game hardware on launch There is not a week that goes by that you don’t see someone on Twitter talking about a game launching ‘this coming Friday!’ Unless it’s a franchise you live for there really is no reason to buy the game on launch. Is there? If you had to wait a few months you’d get it for half the price and guess what – it's still the same thing. Online gamers might argue that the lobbies will be empty by then, but if you're after the single player game why the urgency? 3. Building a backlog that will ‘one day’ be played The younger gamers reading this might not quite fall into this category... yet. At some point in your life you’ll earn enough money to buy enough games to last you for two lifespans. You’ll end up with masses of games just sitting there collecting dust waiting for the day you ‘retire’. You’ll play 2012’s games in 2014 and ultimately you’ll end up not knowing what to play when as there will be too many to choose from. Be prepared. 2. Fanboism We ran an opinion piece on just this topic the other day. It’s something that is old as the mountains and will probably never come to an end. We’ve all got our favourite piece of hardware and we’ll defend the piece of plastic to the bitter end. If it’s PS3 vs Xbox vs Nintendo or just plain PC vs Consoles – there are morons all over the place ready to spoil everything we love about the variety. Xbox 360 RULZ! *runs*
[/raw] 1. Blaming the controller when you suck Yup, admit it. We all say it’s something only n00bs do but the truth of the matter is that we point fingers to the controller just as much as they do. Whenever the character or car or whatever does not behave on-screen as we believe it should then it’s automatically the fault of the controller and not our overworked thumbs. Nope, the piece of hardware is broken and needs to be replaced with the spare controller. Gamers generally think they’re at the top of their game at all times and that the lack of their skills has nothing to do with them failing at whatever it is they’re battling with. It might be quick deaths when playing an FPS online or mistimed jumps in platformers – you just suck sometimes. Sorry.


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  • Delano


    Apart from #4, I’m guilty of all of these sins. *breaks down in tears*

    My tactic these days is to usually wait between 6 months and a year for new games. Back in the day I bought Unreal 1 (damn, that was a long time ago) and had to wait months for patches that would make the game playable. I swore “never again”.

    My backlog of games… urgh. I cry when I think about it. Suffice to say, I had to buy another hard drive. I haven’t started Mass Effect 2 because I haven’t finished Mass 1 yet. And I haven’t finished Mass Effect 1 because I’m still trying to finish those 50 other games I’m currently playing. And and and… OCD much?

    As for temper tantrums… yep, guilty as charged. Only thing is, I don’t blame my hardware. I blame the developers. My tirades usually involve banging my fists on the table and discussing the devs in the role of sadistic, unfair bastards.

  • I’m actually quite the opposite on the last second last one. I have this strange habit of removing the seal without breaking it and then sticking it on the inside of the game’s case. So almost all of my games still have the unbroken seal inide…

    … you know… err… just in… case?

    • Jarred

      I do the EXACT same thing, and I know a few others that also do it. Nothing quite like buying a second hand game and seeing the seal stuck on the inside. More of us “sniff”

      • I used to just tear mine open and leave it on the edge of the casing as is… then I had enough and experienced an evening of removing seals – that was fun too.

  • Number five is win. Why there isn’t a skip it button yet is beyond me.

    Also, another gamer trade is needing to go pee when a final fantasy fmv starts loading. That could probably be on a top 10 gamer problems list… With gamer thumb…

  • F8ta1

    @danteofdoom, you got that, if theres something everyone hates its a load video/screen that you cant skip… Evil!!!

  • Zhameerhashim

    Number 5, 2 and 1 is me lolololololol epic times indeed

  • Lonthor

    lol I’ve definitely got the backlog problem 😀

  • Garth

    Regarding #1; I recall a specific incident where in the heat battle a (unnamed) gamer managed to break off custom PS3 shoulder triggers and lose the match. I (I mean the unnamed gamer) still get ridiculed to this day because of it.

    • I think that fact that this ‘unnamed gamer’ thought that he REALLY borke the triggers made it that much more interesting 😉

  • @Choffel

    No 6 is definitely my worst habit of all of these….. I get sidetracked far too easily by new releases. Sadly, once I’ve been away from a game for longer that 3 or 4 weeks, I forget where I am in the story line and what I was doing, so I tend to avoid going back at all….

  • Kristen

    All the things that I would do.
    Except 8.

  • Thabo

    No 6 for me,I like finishing games because you get the full story of the game, And I like competing with friends like will finish the game first playing on a harder difficulty. though I sometimes get frustrated.

  • wolfpup

    *sigh* I am definitely guilty of 6 i almost never finish a game unless its one of the little big planet ones or a really good title