German court orders Rapidshare to filter files

According to reports a German court ordered last week that Rapidshare must filter their user-uploaded files. A full ruling is still pending but the court is expecting the file-locker service to filter a list of 4000 files, preventing them from being uploaded or accessed. A group of German booksellers are behind the legal action and they have welcomed the ruling. A representative is quoted as saying, "The judgment confirms that Rapidshare must take effective measures against the use of illegal content on its service." Rapidshare is less than impressed with the celebration however.
We consider it as unprofessional to assess a judgement before the written reasons for the judgment are available. Only then you can determine which party can indeed celebrate a verdict as a success."
It isn't quite over for Rapidshare at the moment. An EU court ruled earlier this year that file-hosting sites could not filter their users before the fact, citing European privacy laws. The EU ruling appears to trump the German one, making it likely that the decision will be overturned should Rapidshare decide to appeal.

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