“Until the day I die I will be making games”, says Kojima

In a recent interview Kojima, who has over the years often threatened to leave Metal Gear Solid development, said that he has no intentions of ever retiring from the business. He believes he'll be working  on games till the day that he dies.
Honestly, I really don't know in 25 years from now if I'll still be making Metal Gear, or even if Konami will still be around - I really can't say But I can say that if I'm not dead by that time I will still be making games in some form. I don't have any intention of retiring - until the day I die I will be making games. Maybe by that time technology will be so advanced that I can make a game all by myself by using a bunch of robots. Who knows?"
Famous for the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders franchises new rumours (some citing his Twitter account) are suggesting  that Kojima is working on a followup to the classic 'Snatcher' that released on MSX2 in Japan and SEGA Mega CD in Western territories. We're just glad he's planning to stick around.

Source : Eurogamer


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  • YESSSSSSSSSSS 😀 This is the kind of FTW news you want to read on a Monday morning 😀

  • Zhameer

    Great news indeed

  • I think there was a mistranslation, what I assume he meant was “Until the day I die I will be making movies with some gameplay”.

    Still great news though :p

    • Haha, I see what you did there :) I live for those long cutscenes. Can’t wait for his new title codenamed Project Ogre

      • I say these things knowing full and well I’ll be the first to pre-order whatever Kojima works on.

        The extra long cutscenes and mission briefings go long way in fleshing out the story and amping up the emotions.

        Bring Project Ogre the hell on already Koji Pro!

  • Lonthor

    Kojima is a legend! I won’t stop buying his games any time soon.

  • Definitely one of the industries greats. I hope his game franchises age along with him, no become old as slow as he would with age but awesomer.