World of the Living Dead now in open beta

There are zombie games and there are zombie games but World of the Living Dead, a browser-based MMO that appears to be designed to appeal to fans of Football Manager, is a little different. For one, players will get very little by way of visuals. Instead they will be greeted with maps, stats and text. The title has just entered an open beta so you can check it out.
WotLD makes innovative use of Google Maps and US Census data to create a massive game universe based on real-world locations. Zombie numbers in each city block react to player activity as they scavenge for supplies, kill zeds or raid other survivors. Realistic starvation and dehydration combine with the effects of fear and fatigue to make it tough to survive in a game where every city block is teeming with faceless hordes of the living dead.
Even though this zombie survival is short on graphics it is surprisingly involving. Prospective NECRA agents can head here. We have the gameplay/features trailer for you as well.

Source : Ballardia Games


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  • Lonthor

    Hmmm looks like it’s worth a try.

    • I’m not usually one for mostly-text stat-based games but, if it wasn’t for the vast amount of work I have to do right now, I’d probably still be playing it.

  • greatwyt

    this looks like its based on max brooks novels?

  • mmm i like this, looks like my type of game