Google server farms – in the dark and cooled by sewage

Google is a company that happily promotes itself as innovative and follows the motto “Don’t be evil.” To live up to that motto the company finds ways of decreasing its energy consumption as well as its pollution. One of Google’s data centers, located in Finland, uses ocean water to cool its servers. However the company’s latest environmentally conscious data center uses sewage. The Data center in Douglas County, Georgia, USA uses outflow from the local water treatment plant which cleans grey water (sewage) and pumps it into the local river. Instead of using clean(er) water Google pumps 30% of the plants outflow through its cooling systems which help to keep the servers cool. The water then either evaporates from the cooling towers or is pumped into Google’s own effluent treatment facility which cleans the water before pumping it into the river.
It is a well known fact that Google uses its own design for its servers. The servers use off-the-shelf components but the design for the servers are a well-kept secret. Google leases space inside the Equinix data center which allows it to connect directly to the Equinix hub. Since this data center is used by many companies Google removed the lights from the server cages and had Equinix turn off the overhead lights in order to keep the hardware inside the cages a secret. Google technicians use miner helmets equipped with lights so that they can find their way around the data center. The Equinix hub allows companies like Google to connect directly to the backbones of major ISPs in America.

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