Tokens will replace discs five years from now, says Capcom

We all know that discs will become obsolete at some point as the online market space is eating away at everything else like a parasite, but Christian Svensson, senior vice president of strategic business development at Capcom, believes we'll see this happening within the next five years. It's surprising he'd mention it so shortly after rumours suggested that the next Xbox will not come bundled with a disc-drive (which by the way means no backwards-compatibility). He's predicting that figurines and other toys will come bundled with tokens to download games in the future. Here's what he had to say:
Retail will always have a place in our future. But five years down the road, the value proposition of retail, to publishers, will change. Retail's role will shift from planned purchase to impulse purchase, predominantly. And planned purchases will increasingly happen online, just for sheer convenience's sake. Five years from now, more likely than not, we'll not have plastic discs in a box, but we'll have tokens in a box, something that is gift-able and able to be bundled with other hard items like figurines or plushes - or something else that has tangible value that can't be downloaded over a wire. Very obviously, certainly sometime before five years from now, every game will be digital and retail day and date. To quote my friend Paul Raines, the CEO of GameStop, they don't disagree on the inevitability of it, they disagree on the timing of it - when it's going to happen. I definitely think that's going to happen very, very quickly. It's going to depend a lot on what the first party [console manufacturers] do in the next generation of console hardware. But I'm not privy to those details today so I couldn't possibly predict what is going to happen there. I'll tell you something I'm hoping for, I'm hoping for a much more fluid means of providing updates to consumers, being able to have a much more rapid turnaround in between when content is submitted and when content goes live to consumers, to provide a higher level of service to them. I'm hoping that the networking and the processes in the future are built with that in mind. I'd like to see more server-based backends that are more under publisher-developer control, rather than being forced through systems pre-defined by the first-party. That would enable experiences online that are not currently available in today's console marketplace."
That's quite a mouthful and something for local retailers to consider in the coming years.

Source : Gamasutra


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  • I hope they are wrong. This whole cloud based thing is annoying me. They need to realize that not everyone in the world has access to internet etc.

    • Sadly first-world countries could not care for the minority and we unfortunately fall in that category. Everything is slowly turning virtual. Time will tell.

      • Lonthor

        Yeah all that we can hope for Is a drastic improvement in our ADSL.

    • Daniel

      Hopefully, forcing the need… will force the change.

  • LyleA

    Well, CAPCOM are… a-holes… They would be the only ones.