Are these the physics we can expect from PS4 and Xbox 720 games?

It's that time of the console cycle where rumours are flying all over the place since the replacements of the current generation of consoles are expected to be announced in the next year or so. Now it seems a video depicting the physics for the PS4 and Xbox 720 has been leaked. That is, if the rumours can be believed. Don't expect any pretty graphics. All it shows is what the (apparent) new consoles can do when it comes to multiple item physics, which is rather impressive in itself.

Source : MS Xbox World


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  • Zhameer

    Lol but yeah all these next gen this and next gen that is making me sick now.

  • MOySIE777

    And these physics were made possible by…. A PC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don’t think anyone is denying that :)

  • I love breaking things in games just to see how well they fall to pieces 😀 looks good

  • @insanityflea

    Looking good! this is needed for Battlefield 4

  • cheese_za

    I just hope that this is easily implemented in the games. It is not use having this capability, but it takes 1 month to program how a vase breaks.