Interstellar Marines Deadlock 0.3.0

Interstellar Head
Interstellar Marines, which is being created by Zero Point Software, is aiming to be the first truly AAA indie developed title. If the latest mulitplayer feature video is any indication they just might have a shot at it. How many other space-based FPS titles are planning to put sharks on legs and throw them into the game?
Set in a believable future, the player is a newly enlisted Special Forces soldier, equipped with the latest in weaponry, armour and gadgets that will embark on a breathtaking adventure. A world filled with challenging scenarios and heart pounding situations that in time draws you deeper into an ongoing plot.
Interstellar Marines will receive a PC launch initially, with Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to follow later. Since Zero Point are funding this thing themselves the release date is uncertain but we can't wait for Interstellar Marines to become available.
Prospective players can preview certain aspects of the game free of charge by signing up on the official site. The game previews load through a web browser so a decent connection is a must.

Source : Zero Point Software


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