G3AR <3 Lazygamer Mass Effect 3 competition


So you would like to determine the fate of the universe, would you? G3AR, Lazygamer and Electronic Arts are giving you a chance to win a copy of Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360. There are two copies up for grabs, one from G3AR and the other from Lazygamer. That isn’t all, the winners will wind up heading through some of the co-op missions for Commander Shepard’s latest outing against the Reaper threat with the folks from both G3AR and Lazygamer.

That does mean that entrants will be restricted to those who have got themselves an Xbox LIVE Gold Account. Playing online with the two team is part of the whole package so we need you to be able to meet us in the lobby.

This giveaway-slash-co-op-adventure is exclusive to G3AR and Lazygamer. Entering couldn’t be easier. Just click here. The draw for Mass Effect 3 will take place on 9 March 2012 at 15:00.


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G3AR's Online Editor (Ninja Edition) and scourge of all the writers on the website. I spend almost as much time gaming as I do reading (that's saying something), so there is little time for sleep. Don't play MMOs because I'd never get anything done, ever.
  • Die Jason

    Sweet, entered both, thanks guys!

  • Dawid

    No stress :)

  • Gavin

    Um.. can I win?

  • NinjasCreed

    Thanks Everybody!!!Entered both!!!YEAH!!!Make me Famous!WOOT!