Arkham City Lockdown gets free update

Arkham Lockdown Head
iOS title Batman: Arkham City Lockdown has received a free update, adding in Harley Quinn, achievements and a Bruce Wayne skin for the game at no extra charge. In addition to the DC enemies that populate Lockdown the 1.2 update lets players chase Dr. Harleen Quinzel down in a totally new level. Yes, the header image is from the game.
The new level expands the world of Gotham City as Batman must track down the infamous Harley Quinn. Players must fight their way through Harley’s henchmen and can enjoy all new gameplay elements, using Batman’s Batarangs in a timed showdown.
Arkham City Lockdown is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, either via the App Store on the device or from here. At present the 765MB mobile title will cost you $5.99.

Source : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


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