PowerColor releases LCS HD7970

PowerColor LCS HD7970

PowerColor has officially released an overclocked liquid cooled HD 7970. The PowerColor LCS HD7970 is a factory overclocked card with a factory-fitted EK water block. The card has a core clock speed of 1150MHz and a memory clock speed of 1425MHz. These clock speeds equate to a 24% overclock on the core and 3% overclock on the memory. This makes the PowerColor LCS HD7970 the fastest single GPU in the world.

The water block is made by EKWaterBlocks and uses a nickel-coated copper base which covers all the key components including the GPU and memory. PowerColor and EKWaterBlocks claim that this cooler allows for temperatures below 50°C at full load.  The PowerColor LCS HD7970 comes with 3/8” and ½” barbs with captured o-rings to maximise water flow and prevent leakage.

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