Raspberry Pi boards hit R26,000 on eBay

Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi PC is a project that was started by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is intended to develop and manufacture cost-effective PCs in order to stimulate interest in Computer Sciences at school level. The Raspberry Pi PC uses a Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 700MHz processor with either 128MB or 256MB of integrated memory. The credit card-sized PCB has USB 2.0, RCA Video, HDMI, audio and an optional Ethernet port. At launch there will be two models available; Model A and Model B which will cost $25 (R203) and $35 (R285) respectively. The Model B comes with 256MB of system memory and an Ethernet port. In order to raise funds for the project the first ten Raspberry beta boards have gone up for auction on eBay with the first pre-production board already reaching a bidding price of R26 658.88 "Consider our gast well and truly flabbered," the team developing the systems said on Tuesday. "We are absolutely amazed by the generosity of the people bidding on the beta boards. Every penny from the auction goes straight to our charity, where it will fund the making of more Raspberry Pis to go into schools." The ten pre-production boards are similar to the production boards. However they have an error on the PCB trace and have an over-sized SD card connector which sticks out beyond the edge of the PCB.

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