Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K benchmarks revealed

ivy on wafer
Early benchmarks have been revealed that show off the performance of the Ivy Bridge processors. The benchmarks were done using an Intel Core i7-3770K which showed an incredible performance boost over existing Sandy Bridge processors. An Intel Z77 board was used for testing and the processor had a stock speed of 3.5GHz with a Turbo of 3.9GHz. bigpao007 from Chiphell conducted the testing. In a single threaded 3D rendering the Ivy Bridge cores pull ahead of the all the Sandy Bridge processors. In multi-threaded rendering tests the i7-3770K loses out to the i7-980X and i7-3960X which both have six cores compared to the i7-3770K’s four. The processor cores of the i7-3770K easily decimate all AMD’s processors but the new integrated HD 4000 graphics core on the Ivy Bridge processor is unable to match the performance of the Radeon cores in the A8-3850

Source : Nordic Hardware


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The cynic
  • @insanityflea

    I love techies, the chart states “singel” thread :)

  • The guy is Chinese, English as a second language is not known to be easy.

  • Hmm interesting stuff… I wonder how much these are gonna cost though

  • they expensive but fast

  • LeRoy

    its Painful spending over R3000 on a piece of hardware thats smaller than your hand

    • Project Delta

      LOL… but so true