Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition detailed

ME3 CE Head

So we have found out what will be available for the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition and it isn’t a Reaper of your very own. We got this info direct from EA South Africa so this should be accurate for local gamers. The CE will be a mixture of physical content and DLC. You know, in the finest Bioware tradition.

This is what you will be getting for your cash:


The Mass Effect 3 game

Steelbook Tim

Exclusive Hardbook Art Book

Fabric Patch

Normandy Lithograph

Dark Horse Comic Book (digital version for Origin purchasers)


N7 Arsenal Pack

Hoodie for Shepherd to wear

Game Soundtrack

In Game Robot Dog

Bonus Avatars

Additional Mission and Character (To be revealed)

Source : EA South Africa


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  • Sarin

    March 8th can’t come soon enough. I am definitely pre-ordering this!

  • Lynz

    Anyone know where I can get the actual N7 hoodie in SA?