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Gigabyte has introduced a new motherboard, the A75N-USB 3.0, which is based on AMD’s A75 chipset and conforms to the mini-ITX form factor. The new motherboard uses the FM1 socket, features USB 3.0 and supports AMD’s A-series APUs. The board… Read More »

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Research in Motion has been sued by Blackberry users in the US and in Canada in two different suits over the recent outage on the Blackberry servers. The US lawsuit was filed on Wednesday (26 October) in California and accuses… Read More »

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Gigabyte will be adding another chassis to its list of offerings. The GZ-P5 Plus is a tweaked version of the GZ-P5 that was introduced a year ago. The GTZ-P5 Plus is larger than its predecessor but manages to weigh 300… Read More »

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Bethesda have lost their appeal against a recent court decision in Interplay’s favour concerning the possibly-happening-possibly-not Fallout MMO. Their request for a preliminary injunction was denied last month and now their appeal against the denial has been shot down. The… Read More »

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It is time for a few new screens from The Old Republic. You know, something to keep you wanting it till the end of the year. Let’s just hope that you will be getting your copy digitally come launch, unless… Read More »

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Sony Ericsson is Sony Ericsson no more. Sort of, anyway. Ericsson will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony once the recently announced buy-out, for the sum of €1.05 billion in cash, is final. There may be other as-yet unspecified… Read More »

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Colorful is showing off a custom-designed PCB for the GTX 560 Ti (based on the GF114 GPU) that is much longer than the standard GTX 560 Ti PCB. The extra space on the PCB is used to provide real estate… Read More »

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The Sonic Generations developers recently announced that the first SEGA console Sonic title will be included for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the upcoming title. Sonic Generations itself hopes to stay true to the Sonic formula of… Read More »

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Dick Grayson, the first Robin now going by the name Nightwing, is one of DC’s most popular characters, especially after recently taking the mantle as Batman in the comics while Bruce was ‘away’. Now players will get a chance to… Read More »

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The Japanese Nintendo site has recently been updated with brand new Super Mario 3D Land video footage. The biggest news to come from these clips is that Mario’s somewhat panicky brother Luigi is a confirmed playable character. In addition to… Read More »


Review: Samsung Series 7 700G Gamer laptop

Samsung 700G
By , October 26, 2011 @ 4:30 pm 6

Can Samsung stand up to the mighty gaming giants? Um, YES!

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If you have never played the Metal Gear Solid games, kindly take this opportunity to smack yourself over the head. Never fear though, for you have the chance to redeem yourself as the bulky HD Collection is to be released… Read More »