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Hydrophobia Prophecy, already seen on XBLA and Steam, is about to make the jump over to PSN. The title is due, fully Move-enabled, on 1 November in the States and on 2 November everywhere else. It’ll cost the Americans $7.99… Read More »

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Blackberry has unveiled the Blackberry Porsche design P9981 design in conjunction with the Porsche Design team. The P9981 is based on the Bold Touch 9900 and sports a 1GHz processor (the Bold 9900 has a 1.2GHz processor) , 1GB of… Read More »

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Intel has released version 3.0 of its SSD Toolbox software, recommended for use with Intel SSDs in order to monitor wear and life span of the drive. The software is able to measure the number of write cycles left for… Read More »


Review: Retro: The Legend of Kyrandia Book 2: The Hand of Fate

Fate Head
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Why don’t you go play with your hand?

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According to a GamesBeat report a copy of the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has escaped and has been doing the rounds online. Escaped may be the wrong term, it was apparently given some assistance by… Read More »

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A new piece of legislature is currently sitting in front of both houses of the US Congress which could see US citizens denied access to any international sites that are found to be hosting unlicensed content. One of the biggest… Read More »

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SEGA has recently confirmed a final release date for the highly anticipated Sonic Generations on the 3DS. The  platformer will be released for 3DS on the 25th of November and will include various stages seen in previous Sonic installments. Stages will… Read More »

Battlefield Freebie Friday Winners Announced!

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This week’s Freebie Friday gave readers the chance to win a copy of the much anticipated Battlefield 3. A first person shooter from DICE which is sure to blow your mind. In the form we asked you how badly you… Read More »

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Electronic Arts’ Origin digital distribution portal will be getting more than just EA titles in the very near future. The first publishers to offer their wares through Origin will be Capcom, Warner Bros. and THQ with selected titles being available… Read More »


Review: FIFA Manager 12

FIFAManager G3AR
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Manage your favourite football side to victory and finally win that ever elusive trophy.

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Not even a month has passed since we’ve reviewed Forza Motorsport 4 and already there is a DLC pack on our doorstep. The question is: Should you care about the Speed Pack that comes packaged with 10 news cars? You… Read More »

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EA has announced GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, for all the non-accountants out there) adjusted financial losses for the second quarter of 2011 of $340 million. However their overall sales and market share have increased. EA now holds 25% of … Read More »