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After reading this piece of news in which the humble ARM Cortex-A9 2.0GHz quad core processor is compared to current desktop processors, a PC enthusiast can’t help but scoff and then proceed to inflict bodily harm on a passerby. This… Read More »

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It’s a big day for the FPS it seems. First Crytek and THQ collaborate, now Electronic Arts have announced a Battlefield 3 beta. And it starts in nine days time. The beta will be available to everyone across all platforms… Read More »

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Your eyes have not gone rogue on you, the headline is correct. The next game in THQ’s Homefront series will be developed by Crytek, according to an official announcement released today. The catch? It will only be available some time… Read More »


Review: Dead Island

Dead Island G3AR
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For a dead island there sure is a lot moving out there… towards us… Quick, lock the door!

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Anyone that tells you that gaming is dying out is probably lying (unless there is some sort of Legacy virus hiding in wait). This year’s Tokyo Game Show broke attendance records, both for the first day and for the entire… Read More »

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Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online, available on PC and PS3, will be moving over to a free-to-play model come October according to an announcement yesterday. It will retain a subscription model but two lower-tier options will be available for… Read More »

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Colorful (also known as ColorFire) have launched a dual GPU card under their Radeon ColorFire brand. The Xstorm HD 6850 X2 4GB is a dual GPU card utilising a custom designed PCB with two HD 6850 GPUs. Each GPU has… Read More »

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Thermaltake have launched their new Overseer RX-I eSports full tower chassis. The Overseer RX-I sports six 3.5” hard drives and three 5.25” optical drive bays. The chassis also has a 3.5”/2.5” hot-swap docking bay at the top. The Overseer RX-I… Read More »

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So you thought that Audiosurf was trippy? Indie hit Beat Hazard has gone full Ultra and will be heading to PSN in October (either 18 or 19 October to be kind of precise) this year so that PlayStation gamers can… Read More »

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King Arthur: Fallen Champions launched on Steam (and everywhere else digital) this past Friday and we have got the launch trailer and a walkthrough of the game for you. True, the walkthrough sounds like it was narrated by a Vulcan,… Read More »

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Corsair have launched a new line of keyboards, mice and headsets which all fall under the company’s Vengeance sub-brand. The keyboards and mice are broken down into two categories; FPS and RTS. The Vengeance K60 keyboard and M60 mouse are… Read More »


Review: NHL 12

NHL Coverv2
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Possibly the best sport game of all time, NHL 12 provides an engrossing, action packed experience on the ice.