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EA has released some new Mass Effect 3 screenshots at PAX this year. As luck would have it, we have access to them. The game’s release date is slated for 9 March 2012.

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Scythe displayed three new Class D Digital Amplifiers to be mounted inside a chassis at IFA 2011 in Berlin. The Kama Bay AMP SDAR-3000 amplifier, which occupies two 5.25” drive bays and at its core the amp uses a Power… Read More »

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The Warthog vehicle that will be used in the upcoming Halo 4 has been inserted into Forza 4. Unfortunately the vehicle will not be drivable and players will only be able to view the vehicle model. Halo‘s Cortana will apparently… Read More »

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Panasonic has unveiled the Lumix FX90 compact camera with built-in WiFi. The Lumix FX90 has a 12.1 megapixel hi-speed CCD sensor and is capable of capturing 60fps 1080i video. The FX90 supports 802.11b/g/n wireless networking to allow for easy transfer… Read More »

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Electronic Arts, the holder of an exclusive license for Porsche vehicles in video games, will not be allowing Forza developer Turn 10 to use the vehicle in the upcoming Forza 4 according to the official Forza Blog. Brian Ekberg said… Read More »

By , August 27, 2011, @ 10:00 am 1 News, Tech

MSI has launched the WindPad 110W tablet in Europe. The tablet runs Windows 7 on an AMD dual core Z-01 APU running at 1GHz with a Radeon HD 6250 GPU. The WindPad 110W is a 10.1 inch device with a… Read More »

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Those gamers lucky enough to be playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the PC today will find a patch waiting for them on Steam (unless you preloaded your copy in which case the patch should be down). The patch addresses… Read More »

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Thermaltake will soon be releasing three new models that fall under the Toughpower Silver high-end brand of PSUs. The new models will deliver 1000W, 1200W and 1500W respectively and will complement the 1350W model already available. The new PSUs meet… Read More »

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Following on from previous comments on the psychology of gamers I would like to put forward some more ideas. In this respect taking a look at how we play games that give us a choice of being ‘good’ or being… Read More »

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An update to the Android gallery app could protect Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones from the preliminary injunction issued by a Dutch court. Yesterday Apple won a preliminary injunction to stop the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and… Read More »

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Developer NuOxygen has released a gameplay video of their iPad, iPhone and Mac title Great Monster Trouble. Their most recent launch was yesterday when the strategy game launched for the Mac platform. We would tell you more about the game… Read More »


Review: Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair H100
By , August 25, 2011 @ 4:00 pm 306

Water cooling that makes you want to wet your pants