Scythe unveils three in-chassis AMPs

scythe amp feature image
Scythe displayed three new Class D Digital Amplifiers to be mounted inside a chassis at IFA 2011 in Berlin. The Kama Bay AMP SDAR-3000 amplifier, which occupies two 5.25” drive bays and at its core the amp uses a Power IC TB2924AFG, is from Toshiba. The SDAR-3000 allows for the user to switch between four different audio sources. The SDAR-3000 has a rated output of 16 watts RMS and comes with an infrared remote for convenient control. The SDAR-3000 has retro-styled analogue meters with multiple backlighting colour options and a USB power charge connector. The second model is the Bay Amp Pro mini 2000 (SDA35-2000) which fits into a single 3.5” external drive bay. The SDA35-2000 uses a Texas Instruments TPA3123D2 Power IC and has a output power of 20 Watts. The SDA35-2000 has the choice of two inputs; rear-side RCA or front-side Line-in. When using a line-in audio source the device can be plugged into the USB power charge port in order for the battery to be charged. The third model is the PCI Slot Amp (SDAS-1000) which uses a Texas Instruments TPA3123D2 Power IC, fits a PCI or PCI-Express slot and delivers an output of 3.5 Watts. The switches on the PCB mean the card can be turned into a subwoofer amplifier. Using the supplied controller knob the amp can be adjusted to cut-off all high frequencies and only output the low frequencies. Scythe has yet to release pricing or availability.  

Source : TechPowerUp


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