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Google and Microsoft appear to be in the middle of a subtle mud-slinging encounter over their respective email services. Earlier this week Google launched the Gmail intervention service that allows Gmail users to instigate an email intervention on their non-Gmail using friends. The service sends emails to those friends of yours who have yet to switch over to Gmail and uses tongue-in-cheek language to persuade the reader to join Gmail. Here is the text from one of the intervention emails with the embedded video below:
I’ve been your friend for a long time, so please know that when I say this, I am saying it from the heart. I’m worried about you. Year after year goes by and you’re still using that outdated email program. I can’t sit idly by and watch how this is affecting you and those around you, so I’m staging an email intervention and I’m committed to helping you make the switch to Gmail. Think about it: is there any good reason not to enjoy superior spam protection, instant search, nested conversations and cool stuff like video chat or the ability to call phones directly from your inbox? So I say to you, bluntly but lovingly: I realize change can be scary, but it’s time to switch to Gmail. Do it for me, do it for everyone else in your life, but most importantly, do it for yourself. I believe in you. Your Friend,
  Microsoft apparently had a similar mindset when it made a video solely for viewing pleasure of the 12,000 attendees of the annual Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference. The video, which was never intended to be seen by people outside of the conference, pokes at the Gmail Adword context aware advertising. Microsoft has not given official comment on the video. Below is the Microsoft Gmail man video:

Source : ZDNet


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