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There’s been a lot of news this week, some good, some bad. Windows 9 will soon be available for preview; with Destiny’s impending release, a number of trailers and reports have followed in its wake; we learned Dragon Age: Inquisition… Read More »

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To the gaming community in South Africa, adult gamers are a common thing. We don’t judge them, and in fact most of the community consists of adult gamers. It’s easy to forget that outside our community there is a great… Read More »

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With ambition comes adversity. The highly anticipated next-gen (now current generation) foray into the Assassin’s Creed universe, Assassin’s Creed Unity, has been hit with a slight delay. Ubisoft has confirmed that the game’s release date has been pushed back to November… Read More »

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A console’s lifecycle is usually marked by new versions of said console – they’re usually sleeker, technically more efficient, cheaper to produce and purchase and so on. Today, Nintendo announced the newest version of their immensely popular 3DS as well… Read More »

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Of late, we’ve seen a good deal of Lords of the Fallen, although it’s not all that surprising when it’s releasing on October 31st. That said, what we’ve seen so far is mostly gameplay and so we actually know little… Read More »

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With PAX Prime happening this weekend, Humble Bundle has decided to host a PAX themed Humble Bundle, the PAX 10 Humble Flash Bundle. So what do you get? For as little as $1 you’ll get BADLAND Premium (for Android), Solar… Read More »

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Metal Slug 3 is easily one of the better action, run and gun games of all time. It’s a little madcap, sure, but charmingly so. Should you happen to agree, it’s good news then. Metal Slug 3 is coming to… Read More »

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With Sony having announced the free games in September for PS Plus and the Xbox One not all that far off from release, it seems appropriate to share your Games with Gold free games for the Xbox 360 and Xbox… Read More »

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One of the biggest (and arguably only) benefits of having the Xbox One launch in South Africa nearly a full year later than the rest of the world is that by now many of the systems kinks have been ironed… Read More »

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Kingdom Hearts 3, we hope, will rock our faces, but that is likely a while away from happening. Until such time as a new Kingdom Hearts game graces us, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 shall satiate us. More than that, in… Read More »

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Not that were couldn’t figure it out, but Gosu Gamers has had the members of Secret Team (also known as Team Secret) locked down and used code names for each of its members, at least until now. Join Dota recently… Read More »

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Swatting is a juvenile, petty prank where someone gets a hold of a streamer’s (usually a Twitch streamer) address and reports that said streamer is doing something heinous and illegal. The result is a Swat team raiding the residence of… Read More »