By , October 30, 2014, @ 3:00 pm 1 News, PC, Video

Nvidia’s latest video, demonstrating the differences between a high-end GeForce powered PC and everything else, really does warrant the slogan: “The way it’s meant to be played”. For those of you not packing an Nvidia card, however, there’s still a… Read More »

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2K Games has set a release date and price for BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition. It’s set to release on November 4th for the Xbox 360 and PS3. There were some early indications that The Complete Edition was set to… Read More »

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We hate to drone on about The Evil Within’s poor performance and its absurd PC specifications, but this seemed like an important update to report on. Actually, if anything, this is a bit of positive news. For some ridiculous reason,… Read More »

By , October 30, 2014, @ 12:00 pm 1 News, Xbox

With the Xbox One having just recently launched in South Africa, gamers will rejoice at the fact that a special limited edition White Xbox One Bundle has emerged, and at a rather attractive price point no less. Much as you… Read More »

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We’d like to reiterate and re-emphasise that point actually: It’s about damn time. With the enormous gaming culture on YouTube, offering videos at 60 frames per second (fps) is something YouTube should have been doing years ago. It makes such… Read More »

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According to an article by Reuters, beloved Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has returned to work as well as his regular duties following surgery. The surgery took place in June to remove a tumour from his bile duct. That’s about as… Read More »

By , October 29, 2014, @ 5:30 pm 5 News, PC, PS, Xbox

Since last year’s Need for Speed Rivals, there hasn’t really been much talk about the franchise except for one official announcement on the Need for Speed website stating that the franchise would return in the future. However, it seems that EA’s plans… Read More »

By , October 29, 2014, @ 5:00 pm 3 News, PS, Xbox

Destiny, one of the most anticipated games of the year, will be getting an expansion titled ‘The Dark Below’, which is expected to release on the 9th of December and will be available as a standalone purchase for $19.99 or… Read More »

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During the same investor call where EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced Star Wars: Battlefront’s 2015 release, investors were told that the next Battlefield title will arrive in 2016. Whether that means Battlefield 5, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 (something DICE has… Read More »

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From Battlefront to Battlefield. After DICE and EA announced that Battlefield Hardline’s release was pushed back into 2015, courtesy of a number of issues discovered during the game’s beta, we assumed that they would give us a hard date a… Read More »

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Dying Light is a game we were a little unsure about at first. Techland is famous, or perhaps infamous, for making a game look much better in trailers than it eventually ends up being. And yet, Dying Light impressed some… Read More »

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As immense fans of all things Star Wars and sci-fi, we cannot emphasise enough how much we’re looking forward to Star Wars: Battlefront. Frostbite 3 is very nearly the perfect engine; DICE is absolutely the right studio for the job;… Read More »