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With their experience in the genre and as chief architects of the Frostbite 3 engine, we couldn’t think of a better team to work on the development of Star Wars: Battlefront than DICE. And when better to launch it than… Read More »

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Visceral Games has released a brand new blog and dev diary for Battlefield Hardline. It has been revealed in the blog that the open beta will be dated today. Steve Papoutsis, VP and GM of Visceral Games, published a blog… Read More »

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For those of you who don’t know who Ken Levine is, you likely have many hours of enjoyment and heartache attributed to his work. Before it closed last year, Ken Levine was the creative director and co-founder of Irrational games…. Read More »

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Yesterday, we told you about EA’s plans on charging you for fuel in the next Need for Speed mobile game. Today gamers exploded when rumours ran amok that Capcom is planning on charging people to respawn in Resident Evil: Revelations… Read More »

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While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I Am Bread has been hugely popular. The latest announcement comes in the form of a platform shift. According to the developer, Bossa Studio, I Am Bread will be making its… Read More »

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While don’t have many more details at the moment, we know that the rAge expo is 252 days from now, which is some ways off. We’ve got mixed opinions about last year’s rAge expo, and a little unsure if much… Read More »

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Chucklefish, developers of the space bound take on Terraria, Starbound, had decided that the game’s Enraged Koala was to be the last massive update for a while. Instead, they would… Read More »

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Zombie survival shooter Dying Light’s physical release may have been delayed, but that didn’t stop the game from launching on digital platforms such as Xbox Live, Steam and PSN. Those who already own the game on Sony’s flagship console will… Read More »

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Director of The Grudge and Ju-on series, Takashi Shimizu, has teamed up with Clock Tower series creator Hifumi Kono to make a new horrifying Japanese survival horror game – Project Scissors: NightCry. And it’s a little different from the horror… Read More »

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Rather ironically, EA’s latest installment in their Need for Speed franchise, No Limits, will limit players by requesting players to fill up the tank of their vehicle with fuel if they want to keep racing.  Alternatively, players can also wait an… Read More »

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First announced by Capcom via Famitsu Magazine, Dragon’s Dogma Online should offer a slick action-RPG experience, but without the usual annoyance of actually having to buy the game. Taking place in the land of Lestaria, you and three of your… Read More »

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With PAX South having just gone by, many were probably saddened by the lack of a full blown Borderlands 3 announcement. This sadness was short-lived, however, by Gearbox Software’s replacement announcement. According to the studio, they are ready to develop… Read More »