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As you probably know by now, Black Friday is in full swing and most of our cash flow has dried up for quite some time – especially considering that Christmas is less than a month away.  On the other hand,… Read More »

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While I’m sure most of you Playstation fans out there already know about the December 2015 Playstation Plus Monthly Games line up, I figured I’d still do a quick post about what to expect next month in case you missed it… Read More »

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Those of you that frequent our site quite often would know that I just recently posted about Knight Squad launching on Steam. Well, Chainawesome Games had some great news to share today with the following announcement regarding the game. Since Knight Squad’s launch… Read More »

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After a few hiccups, Ubisoft has made the Rainbow Six: Siege beta available for play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It  was meant to go live on Wednesday but at the last minute Ubisoft decided to put the open… Read More »

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Megarom today announced that they have officially brought Astro gaming headsets to South Africa. Those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Astro Gaming is a spun-off from American design firm, Astro Studios, which is renowned for professional grade video gaming accessories and premium gaming… Read More »

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Just Cause 3 is out next week Tuesday (December 1st 2015, sir) and like every game this generation it will come with a sizable day 1 patch. Trends… The patch is just over 2.7 GB on PlayStation 4 and as of now,… Read More »

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Far Cry Primal has been shrouded in mystery since its reveal, with nobody knowing how the game is going to play, but that’s all going to change when the Reapers attack next week Thursday when the world shall finally see that sticks and stones… Read More »

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For many people in our generation, Digimon was a huge part of their childhood, and the relaunch of the series as Digimon Adventure Tri finally gave us what we have wanted since Digimon first aired in 1999. With the renewed interest… Read More »

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The key backbone to almost any single player games is story. In multiplayer the emphasis kinda falls away. “Shoot the other guy” or “Destroy the enemy’s base” pretty much sum up all you need to know, and while the lore… Read More »

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Ah Rocket League. A game for both casuals and hardcore players. Where the same person can make an incredible aerial goal (completely intended *wink wink*) but also miss a stationary ball by trying to hit it too hard. A game… Read More »

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The Division has been pretty quiet since it got delayed, however, a few tidbits of the game’s features have been getting out through various means and here are two videos detailing some of these new bits of info, which you… Read More »

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Just in case you were ever doubting our ability to distinguish a good game from a bad one, we now have cold, hard, undeniable proof. Shortly after my review of local devs RetroEpic’s mobile game, A Day in the Woods, the game… Read More »