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We’ve been waiting quite some time but Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is now available on PS3, PS Vita and PS4. The launch trailer for the RPG which was originally a PS2 release is below, and it gives a glimpse at the totally… Read More »

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The recent flood of Civilization VI content has gotten me quite excited, and apparently Firaxis don’t plan on stopping. They have released the exclusive theater presentation of their first gameplay walkthrough, and it’s narrated by Sean Bean. The video is fantastic,… Read More »


Review: Fitbit Blaze [Tech]

Fitbit Blaze [Tech]
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Our quest has brought us to this, the Fitbit Blaze, a smartwatch which looks absolutely fantastic … but does it do everything that one would expect from a premium smart wearable? We find out.

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Dreadlocks and BadLand Games are releasing Dex, a side-scrolling, 2D, Cyberpunk RPG early next month to consoles. Check out the console trailer: The game released on Steam last year, and features side-scrolling action with melee and weapon combat as the main… Read More »

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In just two short weeks, Yo-Kai Watch 3 will be hitting the screens of Japan. So as expected, Level-5 has started letting more details slip in lead-up to the release date. One such detail is showing fans how the ‘create… Read More »

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If you’re like us, then the announcement at E3 that Sony was bringing back a beloved game from our childhood in a remastered trilogy made every hair on your 20-something year old body stand up. For this feature we’re going to… Read More »

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Omega Force, the devs behind the Dynasty Warriors series, recently revealed that they were working on a warriors spin-off based on a popular manga, Berserk. Today we get our first look at some bits of gameplay. The game, which is a… Read More »

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In an industry where companies are willing to step on one another to get to the top, it is refreshing and heartwarming to see some healthy competition and sportsmanship. When asked about his opinion on Nintendo’s upcoming NX console, Microsoft’s Xbox… Read More »

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If you own Banner Saga 2 on PC or Mac, you now have access to survival mode, which is essentially a version of perma-death. You can battle through 40 combat levels, but only if you don’t die. Developers Stoic decided… Read More »

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Hardcore Henry begs the question – can Hollywood make a good first person shooter? The answer? Hell yes they can! Hardcore Henry follows the story line of Henry, a man who wakes up having robotic limbs attached to his body, being… Read More »

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A 17 year old Overwatch player known as Gegury (게구리) was involved in a cheating scandal where she was accused of cheating her way to a high win rate percentage. Before the scandal, she quickly became one of the most respected Overwatch… Read More »

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With the internet infrastructure of South Africa quickly being upgraded to Fibre connections and internet speeds increasing at a rapid pace, businesses and high-usage homes are becoming hubs of connectivity. Almost any public place you go one can pick up… Read More »