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It’s all about the big strategy game in this week’s Freebie Friday. We’re giving away three copies of Total War: Attila for PC, and we know you’re dying for a shot at winning one. And the winners are: Jaco Viljoen… Read More »

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The Order: 1886, look out for our review early next week, has received a pretty mixed set of reviews. Some have loved it, others thought it was average at best and a few disliked it, but not necessarily because it… Read More »

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Thanks to the data miners over at Hearthhead and Hearthpwn, today’s latest Hearthstone patch has revealed some details for a possible Blackrock Mountain expansion to be released at a later stage. The patch contained details of three new card backs, the… Read More »

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A brand new video uploaded to YouTube yesterday showcases a lot of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X’s gameplay and reveals the inclusion of Brutalities. Fans of the games will know that Brutalities are exactly what their name suggests, absolutely brutal finishing moves… Read More »

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Lionhead boss John Needham has confirmed that the company has decided to make Fable Legends a free-to-play game. Influenced by the current League of Legends model, Fable Legends will carry many similarities in its features. Much like League of Legends,… Read More »

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Spring Fever and an 8-week-long PSN sale have been announced, with a new PS4 title being released each week. Sony will release a new game from the 3rd of March, some being completely new, and others like Bastion will be… Read More »

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As the 3rd of March looms ever closer, we are eagerly anticipating NVIDIA’s announcement that will “redefine the future of gaming”. While NVIDIA was mum on the details, if rumours are to believed, we might see a SHIELD-based micro-console. After… Read More »

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A snowy new area of Kyrat has been discovered, and Far Cry 4 just got a lot more dangerous as a result. They’re big; they’re mad; and they arrive on March 10th. That’s right; the yetis are finally here. Far… Read More »

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Just like the title says, Six’s adventures into The Maw (that’s where Hunger takes place) is unnerving at the best of times. That’s our impression of the crowd funded Hunger at least, and for good reason. The Maw is a… Read More »

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“It started with the meeting; everyone was there. Scarecrow said he had a plan; that together we  could take you out.” Batman, however, is a pretty hardy fellow. It’s official, Rocksteady aren’t just good at developing games; they’re pretty good… Read More »

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Google’s latest experiment involves an AI that learns how to beat a video game all by itself. The experiment created by DeepMind Technologies, a Google owned company, is designed to show how intelligent AI can figure out complex tasks for itself…. Read More »

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Virtual reality is all the hype right now, and it seems like every one is working on one. It started with the Oculus Rift, followed by Sony’s Project Morpheus and now the recently shown tech demo from Microsoft, the HoloLens…. Read More »